Algorithm-Forge Commons

Packages The website for is and is used by many projects hosted on this site. Provides the classes for error handling. Provides methods for drawing on Graphics2D object with a focus on drawing arrows and graphs. Provides classes for creating desktop short cuts. The main package of the algorithm-forge commons I/O API. Provides classes for creating pdf document with the java library iText. Take a look at the class LoggingSystem. Provides the class SafeSwingWorker, that extends the class SwingWorker, and classes for a progress dialog and observer of this worker. Tools for Strings, Lists and OS handling. The main package of the algorithm-forge commons widget API that uses the Java library JGoodies Forms. Provides classes for animated objects. Provides horizontal button panes especially with okay, apply and cancel buttons. Provides classes for input components that validate their input. Provides classes for handling version informations. Provides classes that help building a wizard with the Java SwingLabs Wizard library.